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I do sincerely urge everyone who has a brain to please use it thoughtfully in the forthcoming General Election in the UK. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reverse the effects of 40 years of neoliberalism which was started by Thatcher, and which has decimated our public services and made the rich and privileged more wealthy and powerful while the rest of us, the 99% – the MANY – have grown worse off, and seen our opportunities in life reduced. 
This didn’t just happen accidentally; it was a deliberate policy based on privatisation of public services, monetarism, fiscal chicanery, switching our economy from manufacturing to service industries, and liberalising the rules affecting banks and the City – which led directly to the financial crisis of 2008.
This election is a chance to reset the country back to how it was as a result of the inspirational Labour Government of 1945 – 51 under Prime Minister Clement Attlee, which founded the National Health Service and nationalised the railways and power utilities.
Make no mistake, our beautiful NHS IS being privatised by the Tories; they are going to sell it off to big American Pharmaceutical and Health Insurance companies. The Tories are also going to allow imports of chlorinated American chicken and American growth hormone injected beef, because they are going to reduce food standards and environmental and worker protections.
This election is also a chance to take back our railways, our water and gas and electricity and other national assets which were stolen from us all by Thatcher and the Tories.
Imagine a railway system that is run for the benefit of passengers, with fares kept at a reasonable price, rather than the present situation, where we have the most expensive and worst run rail system in Europe.
Imagine not being ripped off for your water supply and not having constantly to change suppliers to get the best deal for you gas and electricity.
Imagine our precious utilities are publicly owned and run for the benefit of ALL once again – that means owned BY ALL OF US – and not run so rich shareholders can cream off profits at YOUR expense!
Imagine a country where the NHS, schools, the police, fire service, the ambulance service and ALL other local services – like social care and nursing care for the elderly and disabled, and keeping our streets clean of litter and our parks and countryside free of fly-tipping – imagine ALL these services are properly resourced.  It COULD be done. We are the fifth richest country in the world.
 Imagine a country where young people are not forced into £50K or more of debt to fulfil their dreams of a decent higher education; where it is not just children whose parents can pay for private education who can enjoy class sizes under 30 and properly resourced schools.
Imagine a country where elderly people in England do not live in fear of becoming sick or infirm because they will be forced to sell their homes to pay for nursing care or social care.
Imagine a country where homeless people are no longer dying on the streets, and there are not millions of families living in poverty, reliant on food banks and forced into jobs on zero hour contracts.
Imagine a country that is compassionate, that works for all – the MANY – not just for the rich and privileged FEW.
For the first time in a generation all of this is finally in reach, as long as you don’t believe the biased propaganda spewed out by the BBC and mainstream media.  Much of the print press is controlled by right-wing billionaires. There was a time, back in the 1960s and 1970s, when the BBC was a decent public service broadcaster, relatively unbiased in political news coverage; in fact at times the BBC used to be quite Anti-Establishment (think of Monty Python!). Now the BBC is little better than a propaganda organ of Conservative Central Office.
Don’t believe what the media is telling you! They are lying to you! Find out the truth for yourself! Be critical of what you hear and see, and make up your own mind.
Please, please, save our country, save our NHS, and vote for a decent, compassionate, more equal society where your chances in life don’t depend on having rich parents; where there is genuine equality of opportunity for all.
When you have considered all these things, you will hopefully not be like a turkey voting for Christmas, so you will not vote Tory or Lib Dem or Brexit Party in the forthcoming British General Election – the most important SINCE 1945.
Please – for  yourself, for your family, the love of humanity, for the love of your fellow citizens and for the good of the country:

Hello then, to you all, my many readers in Ireland, the U.K., Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and around the world. I must say you are all looking in fine fettle and it’s a pleasure to have your company.

I bring you breathtaking commentary on history, politics, philosophy, society, culture, education, science, gender, religion, conspiracy theories, music, literature & poetry.

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