Why I am cancelling my Amazon Prime account

This is what happened to me when I tried to buy a new smartphone from Amazon.co.uk in November 2020, and why I am thinking of NEVER buying anything from Amazon again:

After doing a good deal of research into mid-range smartphones, I decided to buy the Pixel 4a smartphone from Amazon.co.uk.  It looked like a very good phone and was exactly what I wanted.  However, I felt very disappointed and annoyed to discover that Amazon had dropped the price of the phone from £349 (the day before, when I ordered it) to £319 on the day it was delivered, just one day later!  I had barely taken the phone out of the box!

I have had no option but to return the Pixel 4a for a refund because Amazon refused to reimburse me for the £30 price difference from one day to the next. This is an incomprehensible attitude of Amazon, who would rather make NO SALE than give good customer service regarding matching their own price match!

So just to be clear – I paid £349 for the phone from Amazon.co.uk and the very next day, just after I took delivery, the exact same Pixel 4A phone dropped in price to £319 from the exact same Amazon.co.uk. 

I actually wanted to keep the phone and tried to contact Amazon to see if they would use a bit of common sense for good customer relations and consider reimbursing me for the £30 price difference, but unbelievably, Amazon would rather I return the phone for a full refund (minus the £3.99 return shipping costs, which I had to pay, of course).

This was what I was informed by a very unhelpful so-called ‘Customer Support’ lady who was apparently in a call centre in India, and just read from a script, saying “computer says no!”  I urged her to put me through to a  supervisor or manager who might be more amenable and understanding – but no dice. 
She hung up on me.

So Amazon apparently prefer to make NO SALE rather than keep a very long-standing customer happy by showing a bit of decency and understanding towards customers.  I have spent £1000s with Amazon as an Amazon Prime customer over the years, but this issue is a matter of principle for me. 

Amazon forced me to return a perfectly good phone that I wanted to keep over just a £30 refund and lost a sale of £319!

I have also been extremely disappointed with the dreadful experience I had on the one and only occasion I tried to sell an item via Amazon Seller, but that is a different story. 

The way I feel at the moment, I am thinking of cancelling my
annual renewal of my Amazon Prime account and NEVER buying anything from Amazon again.